YouTube, please

I guess there is a reason why we have phrases like “a gift and a curse.” So today, for work, I needed to upload a video from home. Normally, this is supposed to be really simple. I login to YouTube and then drag and drop the video file.

Except, it turns out that there are some steps that I have been taking for granted. For security reasons, all of our accounts have two-step verification enabled. (Sidenote: This is generally a good idea, you should do it for safety.) The problem, however, is that today Google decided to not text me my verification code. Without that code, I can’t log in!

And I know that this is not my phone’s fault. In fact, I have actually received two codes today. The only problem is that the codes arrived about an hour after I requested them. Obviously, by the time the codes arrived, the login query had expired. Now I bet Google thinks someone is trying to hack into my account! I can guarantee that this is not the case.

This makes me very frustrated. Bad Google. Why are you making me frustrated. What have I ever done to you?

  • That aside…

I have improved my website a little more today. The about page is complete and it has a nice little toggleable menu. You can pick between my CV and my Portfolio! It was a fun little exercise with JavaScript and in particular JQuery.

Also, the index page now has a parallax image. I’ve also fixed a weird phantom-margin issue that had been plaguing me since day one.

Now I need to get better at design. The website looks good, but it’s not aesthetically pleasing. I need to figure that out. I’ll have to browse the web for some cool designs.

Anyways, here’s a list of things I’ve done:

  • Went to a really cool restaurant in downtown Montreal and had some really high-class gourmet food.
  • Updated my website so that it has actual, useful information in it.
  • Tried and failed to upload a video. Will try later today, early in the morning.
  • I played some guitar and recorded a new tune. It sounds very indie-like. However, I’m not very pleased with my recording quality. Still, it’s better than any other guitar recording I have done to date.

Next up!

  • Make the website look and feel good.
  • Start doing some actual tutoring on
  • Pick a new book to read.
  • Continue playing Persona 5.

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