Explaining Mirai Media

Hey there.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page via a Facebook page, you might be wondering why the page is called one thing and the website another.

The answer is, they are technically two separate entities. This blog is my blog and contains all the things I might write. Mirai Media, on the other hand, is where I will publicize my more journalistic work, for the purposes of creating a career for myself out of it.

Why “Mirai”?

In Japanese, the word mirai means future. I’ve picked it for that very reason. If you’re wondering why I chose the Japanese version of the word… Well, that’s because I like the way it sounds. Gelecek (Turkish) sounds too boring, Future (English) is probably overused, Zukunft (German) is too consonant happy,  будущее (Russian) doesn’t use Latin characters, Avenir (French) is probably also overused.

See, I have given it some thought.

So future is more of a concept for me. I guess I could call myself a futurist, but as with many -isms, it comes with a lot of baggage. In my case, I simply like the idea of future. Thinking about what will happen requires a certain degree of hopefulness and optimism. If that’s not the case, then you probably won’t like thinking about the future.

I have always considered myself a radical optimist and therefore a futurist. All this makes mirai a great word to associate with myself.

What To Expect on Mirai Media

As I said, Mirai Media is going to be where I publish more journalistic pieces. I might have reviews of movies, video games, books, and TV shows; I might have think-pieces; I might even write about politics. The bottomline is, so long as these are not just my random musings, but actual works, they will be considered a part of Mirai Media.

In the future (hah), I might open up Mirai Media to friends and colleagues. Until then, however, Mirai Media will be solely populated by my writings.

Thanks For Supporting Mirai Media

Once again, thanks for coming to this website and liking the Facebook page. Who knows what will happen in the future? But, as you may expect, I am hopeful.

See you around.

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