2018 Releases That I’m Very Excited About

2018 is almost here. It’s actually so close that I can smell it. Will it be a better year than 2018? Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that it’ll be yet another year where people will be seeking escapism – I know I will.

As such, here’s a non-definitive list of things that will come out in 2018 about which I am excited. The keyword here is “non-definitive,” as things that pique my interest change all the time. Maybe something that wasn’t included in all the “upcoming releases” lists will be announced.

Still, I think these movies and games are going to be pretty exciting. And there is also one thing that I am actually rather anxious and scared about. But you’re gonna have to read through to find out. Good? Great!

Annihilation: February 23, 2018

This movie is based on a novel by Jeff VanderMeer of the same name. I’ve just recently read the book and it was pretty darn good. If I had to give it a genre, it would be “ecological horror/thriller.”

In it, a team of four scientist women go on an expedition to a mysterious place called Area X. The names of these characters are a mystery to everyone involved, as they are only called by their specialties: biologist, anthropologist, psychologist, and surveyor.

It’s a weird and creepy tale, with some Lovecraftian undertones. The first trailer, revealed in September, is unlike most modern trailers, in that it actually doesn’t give a whole lot of the plot away. All we see is the biologist (Natalie Portman) being really intense while responding to some questions about a “thing.” She doesn’t know what the thing was – or does she?????? ? ? ? ? ??  ? ? We only get questions and no answers!

Plus, it’s directed by Alex Garland, who also directed Ex Machina, which was an amazing sci-fi thriller.

So yeah, this is very exciting.

The Last of Us Part II: 2018, probably

So this game doesn’t actually have a release date yet. If you’re wondering why, you might wanna check out Jason Schreier’s book on how games are made. But that doesn’t take anything away from my excitement.

The Last of Us (Part I, I guess?) was an intense game about a post-zombie apocalypse world and the humans trying to survive in it. It put in the shoes of Joel who lost his daughter during the first days of the apocalypse. Then, we had to travel around protecting a young girl by the name of Ellie.

All in all, I thought The Last of Us was an interesting take on what happens to humans following society’s breakdown. It turned out that humans were humans’ biggest threat and not the walking dead. And sure, literally every zombie story out there touches upon that, but this game felt a bit more real than others. (I also have never watched The Walking Dead, but that’s a discussion for later.)

My point is, I want to know what happened to Joel and Ellie after the game ended. I’ll spare you the spoilers, but some really surprising shit happens at the end of the first game. So, I have to know. Just what on Earth is going to happen next?!

Detroit: Become Human: Early 2018, probably

Have I talked about how much I love Quantic Dream’s games yet? I probably should.

The first QD game I played was Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes. This was my first real experience with movies pretending to be video games and I actually loved the whole experience. Gameplay has always been secondary for me and I am a sucker for a good story. Plus, they had some really cool actors.

So, Detroit: Become Human is where QD goes full sci-fi – and not just that, they’re going neo-noir. From what I’ve read so far, the plot is similar to Blade Runner. There are androids, some of the become sentient, and therefore they have to be killed. Pretty standard in that regard. But based on the studio’s track record, I’m pretty excited to see where they will take that premise.

It probably won’t be yet another robot game. The first trailer for the game was pretty intense where the player character was trying to negotiate with a rogue android to settle a hostage situation. That kind of stressful situations are what makes these movie-games so exciting.

Avengers: The Infinity War: May 4, 2018

I mean. I guess I kinda have to be excited about this movie, right? It’s the biggest Marvel event of the century so far. (And that’s not even an exaggeration.) This is what 10 years of Marvel movies have been building up to – the season finale of the world’s most drawn-out TV series.

The cultural impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had is undeniable. Every other big franchise is now trying to emulate its cinematic universe formula and mostly failing. MCU movies have become the litmus test for superhero movies.

All this is probably because Marvel did it first. While Marvel was building the MCU and planning years and years ahead, DC was riding the wave of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. To be fair, it was a great wave – but once it was over, DC’s movies were never able to be quite as good. First, they tried to do the Nolanesque dark-gritty stuff, which didn’t really fit Superman. Then, they tried the Marvelesque humorous stuff, which gave us The Suicide Squad – which was bad, except for the Hair and Makeup, I guess.

Anyways, I can’t help but be excited for Avengers: Infinity War, because it is going to mark the end of an era. And you just have to experience those things. (Sorta like how people probably must have watched Return of the Jedi thinking it would be the last Star Wars movie. Oh how wrong they were.)

The cast of Solo.

Solo: May 25, 2018

Speaking of Star Wars, let’s talk about Solo, the Han Solo movie, which has undergone so many production troubles that it might as well be a video game.

I am so, so, so afraid for this movie. Disney has yet to disappoint with their foray into Star Wars – but dear god…

First of all, what makes Han Solo isn’t necessarily him as a character. Yes, he is cool and smug, and can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. But he is ultimately Harrison Ford. How would you feel if Robert Downey Jr. was replaced as Iron Man? Or Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine? In that same way, I am afraid that Aiden Ehrenreich might not have what it takes to take on the reins of the Millennium Falcon.

That being said, the cast is packed with cool people. I mean, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian? That’s kinda cool. But again, in the same way Ehrenreich isn’t Han, Glover isn’t Lando.

Rogue One worked, because it was about new characters that we hadn’t met before, so the issue of estrangement wasn’t really there. Notwithstanding the fact that some people said that there wasn’t enough time to get to know them all. To them I say, just watch the movie 7 more times like I did and Rogue One will become your favorite Star Wars movie as well.

That being said, I am still somewhat excited for Solo, but I am being cautious. We’ll see.

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