I am a social and digital media addicted 20-something, looking to finally establish myself as a “digital person.”

To me, a digital person is someone who is very present on the cyberspace. That’s why I now have a website I can be somewhat proud of that I am running and maintaining all by myself. It’s kind of a little DIY project, you know?

If you want to know a bit more, I suppose I can tell you.

I was born in Istanbul, then I spent some 18 years there, and then moved to Montreal to study political science. I focused mostly on international relations and political theory, because I just love waxing philosophical. Seriously though, trying to explain how countries act and behave in a scientific manner is a fool’s errand, but I loved doing it. It’s kind of like those early theories on how planets moved in space. Those using a geocentric system had to add hundreds of little epicycles to account for the discrepancies in their theories. Let’s face it, that’s kinda what IR does. Shoot me an email or something if you want to debate.

But my true passion is political theory or political philosophy. (It would’ve been sociology, probably, if I had taken a sociology course in my first year instead of my last year. Oh well.) There is just something fundamentally fulfilling about finding out how humans function in society. What are some ideas that guide us and how can we use those ideas to guide the generation of even better ideas. In some famous political philosopher’s words, it’s applied ethics. I love it.

Once I was done with school, I started working at a large-ish media company and realized/remembered how much I loved social and digital media. I guess taking that one course in my senior year of university helped too.

Anyway, now we’re here. I’m not gonna tell you more. Why not just read the blog posts and figure out who I am by yourself?

Pictured: Shinjuku in Tokyo